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Are You Naughty Or Nice?

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Sviluppatore Purgatory Productions
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Have You Been Naughty Or Nice?

See how high, or low, of a score you can get before Christmas! Compare with friends to see who can be the nicest... or naughtiest!

The elf starts out happy, but if you are too naughty she gets angry. Enter when you have been naughty or nice, and a score is calculated. The elf has various messages for you depending on how close to Christmas it is, and how naughty or nice you are.

If you see coal, you have to stop being so damn naughty, or Santa will be skipping your house!

Use the nice suggestions to get back on Santas nice list.

Example naughty warnings:

- Santa may confiscate your toys from last year.
- You better not pout, you better just cry.


- Naughty meter lets you rate how bad you have been
- Images based on how naughty or nice you have been
- Ability to type in details when you are bad or good
- A history of your naughty and nice behavior
- Shake to change the images to a male elf or Santa